Welcome to NREC

Hello there.  Are you moving to Newcastle and looking for a church to join?  Or perhaps holidaying in the area and thinking of worshipping locally?  Or maybe you don't normally go to church at all, but you're just beginning to look into it. Well whoever you are, we're glad you've found the NREC website.

NREC is based in Benton, north-east Newcastle.  We're a friendly group, made up of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities, and we love to see new people coming along.  If you do come along on a Sunday, you'll find uncomplicated services in which we simply praise God together through singing, prayer and bible-preaching.

Our church is centred upon Jesus Christ.  We believe that he is God, and we worship him.  We believe that his crucifixion and resurrection are the only answer to sin and death, and we place our trust in him.  We believe that he is Lord, and we obey him.  We believe that he is wonderful, and we love him.  We have nothing to offer and nothing to boast, except Jesus.

Well that's enough from me.  We look forward to seeing you sometime.

Dan Peters

Minister of NREC